What is love

Don’t worry, I won’t continue, like Haddaway, with “Baby, don’t hurt me”, mostly because it is too late for this.
What is love TO ME? This is the only question I can answer. There use to be a time when I believed that love is the same thing for anyone, that feeling that you sink and soar at the same time, that you get lost and yet you just found yourself and your purpose in life. Now, after much observation, Continue Reading

I Could Have Been

I could have been a good writer. Indeed, in my early years… and often now… and in between, I have been much more dramatic than I liked to be. If things are good and stable in my personal life, I manage to put some distance and then write that more relaxed literature I like to read. Continue Reading

Left Behind

Maybe I mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again (repetition is the learning’s mother). When I was 20-21, I said something to my mother. She looked at me with disgust mixed with a lot of pity and said “Andi! You are the eternal teenager. You’ll never grow up”. I smiled, despite her expression, and thanked her. “No, Andi, it’s not a good thing”.Continue Reading