Andi V Italia
Italia 2013

Born in Iasi, Romania in 1970, under the cursed-blessed sign of Aries. Raised by a well-intentioned, hard-working but angry mother and an intelligent, well-educated, excellent professional but mentally absent father, Andi grew up to become the ever-challenging person he is today. Against his better judgement and his own skills, he listen the “voice of reason” (his father who made an excellent argument) and pursued a career in Computer Science.

In parallel, he wrote – short stories – and activated in the Romanian Science Fiction movement, not at ease, since the SF-guys used to view him as “fantasy-horror” while the mainstream called his prose as science-fiction. In the 90s his activity was acknowledged by several literary awards and published in Jurnalul SF, Convorbiri Literare, CPSF, Adevarul. In 2000, his collection of his short-stories, “Sheila”, published in 1999, received the 2nd prize Vladimir Colin award.

He married, in 1994 and, after some bargaining with his then wife, had a child, Gabriel Alexandru, in 1999. One day, about 1997, being asked “Why are you still here, in Romania?”, he couldn’t find an answer. As a result, he decided to emmigrate. He landed in Vancouver, Canada on April 28, 2000. That is where his career choice and his professional certifications (Sun, Microsoft, Novell) paid off, in a mundane way, landing him jobs with major companies like Marconi Communications, Wells Fargo, ST Microelectronics and Adobe. In 2000 moved to Ottawa, and stayed there until 2007 when he went for a 1-year contract in Phoenix, Arizona. The most trying event of his life, the divorce, brought him back to be with the only part of his family that was left intact – his son, Gabriel. Fun and tears, daily struggles and successes bonded them well, so it was all good.

Aventures LaFleche
Cu Gabriel la Aventures LaFleche

In 2013, after he received Gabriel’s blessing, Andi decided to make a major change in his life. At the end of  his working contract, he sold his house and returned to Romania for a 1-year sabbatical. He is currently working on another collection of short stories, this time mainstream, and is planning to take 1-2 more professional certifications before returning to Canada.